Vantage Point

Reflections on 2017 from the President & CEO

In 2017, Vantage Credit Union celebrated its 60th anniversary. Our diamond anniversary!

What correlations are there between Vantage and a diamond?

Diamonds are brilliant, beautiful stones. They symbolize strength. Transforming a diamond from its rough origins to a polished gemstone requires skilled craftsmen, the right tools and hard work.

Likewise, Vantage is a unique financial institution. We have transformed—over time and by the skilled hands of our leaders—from a small, teachers’ credit union into a full-service financial institution with a diverse membership.

How have we gotten here? Just like the process of shaping a diamond, leading a sound credit union requires planning, skill, knowledge, tools and experience. Our skilled leaders—both volunteers and management—have polished our approach time and time again. We’ve understood the importance of continually reviewing and refining our offering of services to meet our members’ ever-changing needs.

In 2017, we took an internal look at our organization and made some critical and necessary changes. It was a transformative year for Vantage Credit Union. We polished our approach to serving members and positioned ourselves for a more prosperous future.

What do the next 60 (plus) years have in store? We will continue to evaluate our performance to ensure our member-owners are realizing all of the benefits of being a part of a not-for-profit financial cooperative.

As a cooperative, we recognize that our success would not be possible without you. And the best thing about our success is that as owners, you benefit when the credit union succeeds.

We know there are many financial institutions to choose from, and you made a prudent choice in selecting Vantage. We are your credit union. Thank you for your membership. We look forward to celebrating many more milestones with you in the years to come.

Eric Acree
President & Chief Executive Officer