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Tap into Greater Security & Convenience with Contactless Cards

Security. Speed. Convenience. This spring and summer Vantage Credit Union is updating all credit and debit cards to “contactless”. Active card users will receive a new card with the contactless symbol on it—bringing greater security and speed to the checkout line.

Are contactless cards safe?Yes!

Contactless cards are safer than traditional credit and debit cards. They have EMV-grade security and use a similar technology to Apple Pay ®, Android Pay ®, or Samsung Pay ®. Where a traditional card communicates your personal credit card information, a contactless card uses a “token” or a unique security code for each individual transaction—limiting the amount of information shared when you use your card.

It’s more secure according to your exposure, but it also allows for cardholder verification method (CVM) limits which add an additional layer of security by requiring a PIN or signature for transactions larger than a set amount.

And of course, your Vantage Mastercard ® credit and debit cards all come with identity theft protection and support, as well as Zero Liability protection * for unauthorized or fraudulent purchases.

Will it make my checkout faster?Definitely!

Forget swiping or even the time it takes to insert your card into a card reader—with the new contactless cards, it’ll be as easy as Tap & Go ®. Just look for the contactless-enabled point-of-sale (POS) reader when you’re ready to complete your transaction, and tap the card to it. That’s it!

Imagine how quickly you can make it through the line at the coffee shop, bakery, or convenience store. In fact, studies have found that contactless cards are 10x faster ** than other face-to-face transaction methods. Your life moves fast. Now your Vantage Mastercard credit card and debit cards will be able to keep up!

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* Certain restrictions, terms, and conditions apply. See Zero Liability for full details.

** Source: GKF, “Mystery Shopping Study,” 2017.