Avoid Regulation D

Many people don’t realize this, but federal regulation prohibits you and any joint owner from making more than six transfers or withdrawals each month from your Regular Savings, Special Savings, Holiday Club Savings, and/or Premier Money Market by the following means:

  • Pre-authorized or automatic transfers/withdrawals including overdrafts
  • eBranch account transfers
  • Telephone transfers
  • Automated phone access transfers
  • Check debits on the Premier Money Market account

If transactions exceed six per month by the means listed above, no additional Regulation D-classified transfers from your account will be completed.

You CAN make unlimited transfers on the accounts mentioned above by the following means:

  • Transfers or withdrawals made in person (at a Vantage Credit Union branch location)
  • Transfers or withdrawals made at an ATM from Regular Savings
  • Transfers to a Vantage Credit Union loan

The best thing to do is to plan ahead of time to ensure you don’t have more than six transfers or withdrawals coming from any one of these accounts in a given month.